Sick Pet?

image digital x-ray 1When your pet isn't feeling 100%, you need to find out what is making them sick as soon as possible. Best Friends Animal Hospital provides full-service emergency medical care and diagnostics to make sure that your pet gets the treatment that they need as soon as possible.

Our in-house diagnostic suite uses the most current technology in veterinary science today. As all of our diagnostic equipment is completely integrated, we have the capability to compile all data within an electronic record system in real time, resulting in a concentration of power to accumulate and compare data to most immediately and effectively treat your special family member.

Digital X-Ray

When your pet is receiving a dental procedure, second best technology simply isn’t good enough for your pets diagnosis.

image full surgical services 1

This is why we have digital x-ray equipment that can give us instant views of your pets mouth, allowing us to diagnose, review and fix in the quickest and safest way possible.

Lab Services

Cutting-edge diagnostic equipment provides pathology results that allow for a complete recognition of the total organ system. Our in-house diagnostic equipment provides the most accurate understanding in state-of-the art pathology. Rapid and accurate diagnostics give us the ability to begin immediate treatment on your pet during the first visit, saving critical time and costs associated with multiple visits.


Liver enzyme screens
Pancreatic evaluation

Ehrlichia and other Richettsial diseases.

Hematology CBC
(Complete Blood Count) work


Cat: FelV,FIV
Dog: Parvo


If your pet isn't feeling well, don't waste any precious time. To schedule an appointment for an exam or diagnostic screening with our expert veterinary staff, call 818-824-4427 or complete our online contact form. Best Friends Animal Hospital gladly welcomes walk-in appointments.


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